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2014 New England Fed. Conference, Stowe, Vermont
April 12-14th, 2014

Join us at New England's Premier Animal Welfare Training and Networking Opportunity and save the date for this year's conference April 12-14th. Be sure to check out all of our conference information on facebook.

  • Sunday, April 15
  • Monday, April 16
  • ASPCA Leadership Day- Saturday

Sunday, April 15
Session 1- 9:30am to 11:00am
TRACK A- Saving At-Risk Pets Before Admission
How can we help pets in our community?  Too often, our answer to this question defaults to “admission for re-homing”.   Who better to shelter and protect that animal than us, right?  In many situations, admission may be the perfect next step.   But for those animals already in a home where they are loved, or where the caregiver is willing to help find that next fabulous home for a stray- why not keep that pet at home or let that wonderful family who took in a stray help your agency do great work?  We’ll spend this session exploring ways other agencies are helping keep pets in their homes, reduce animal admissions and save more lives.  Let’s save them BEFORE they require admission!


Monday, April 16
Session 1- 9:00am to 10:30am
TRACK A- Let’s Start at the Very Beginning- Intake for Success

Proper intake provides a foundation for shelter animal wellness.  The first few days in a shelter are a time that animals are often most at risk for infectious disease and are experiencing very high levels of stress.  Unfortunately, the most critical preventative measures are often provided much later in shelter stays.  During this session, attendees will learn about the need for a prompt and comprehensive intake process.  We will cover setting up an intake area, conducting a basic examination, providing preventative measures, recognizing infectious disease and emergency “red flags”, and routing animals to appropriate housing.  Whether you work in a home-based or brick and mortar program, this session will provide practical information to help you save more lives!


ASPCA Leadership Day
Saturday, April 14th
TRACK A- Organizational Success; Built from the Ground Up

Truly effective communication is one of the main pillars of any successful organization.  Great leaders, strong partnerships, and key relationships are all built and maintained with through effective communication. Without it, your organization’s ability to grow and improve is hindered, volunteerism can dwindle, and relations with donors and stake holders become less fruitful.  We all communicate day in and day out and take each of these interactions for granted – until a miscommunication or lack of communication occurs, that is. This session is for leaders, managers, staff, and volunteers who are interested in taking themselves and their organization to the next level of success and effectiveness.  

Join us for an exploration and hands-on application of the principles of adult learning theory for those in leadership roles in animal welfare. You will be guided to discover a practical way in which you can apply these concepts in creating a workplace that fosters growth, engages each individual’s strengths, and maximizes opportunities for learning (for staff, adopters, visitors, volunteers, stake holders, etc.) You will explore and work with Dialogue Education™, a learning centered system of design and facilitation that draws on existing knowledge and experience, while incorporating new content, to create change and bring about new understanding.

Global Learning Partners, Inc. is thrilled to offer an introduction to this dynamic system For more information, visit

Conference Sponsor and Vendor Opportunities

Experience the valuable opportunity of showcasing your company and products at the 69th Annual NEFHS Conference!

  • Company exposure to a wide variety of New England animal welfare professionals, including behavior professionals, shelter executives, and Board Members
  • Exceptional exhibit hall space and a history of high traffic
  • Noteworthy speakers draw all levels of personnel
  • Over 200 attendees in 2013


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Scholarships Available

Ernie Cutter Scholarships Available for NEFHS Training Conference—Applications available now!
The New England Federation of Humane Societies (NEFHS) is proud to offer scholarship funding for the 2014 Annual Trainging Conference in Stowe, VT.

We are committed to offering scholarship funding to applicants who are eager to learn. The NEFHS Eernie Cutter Scholarship funds are in high demand and each year we receive more applications than we are able to fund. In order to ensure your application is considered, please read the information attacheded and abide by the necessary requirements.

All scholarship recipients are required to assist the NEFHS Board before and/or during the conference with logistical activities such as assembling conference packets and goodie bags, selling T-shirts, distributing/collecting workshop evaluation forms, etc. 

Note:  Applicants should wait to register for the conference until after being notified about scholarship awards.  Notifications will be made by early March so that you will have time to register for the early bird discount.
For more information about NEFHS conference scholarships, contact Maryann Regan at 617-226-5694.  Don’t forget, the deadline for receipt of scholarship applications is February 28, 2014.

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