The New England Fed is pleased to offer year round educational opportunities to leadership teams and operations staff.

  • Leadership Series calls will be held in July, September, November, and February from 1-2pm
  • Operations-level webinars will be held on the 2nd Wednesday in August, October, January and March from 10-11am



Monday, February 27, 1:00-2:00pm EST

The Game Changing Professional Brand Formula

A powerful professional brand can make the difference between chasing opportunities and having them chase you. In less than an hour, you’ll learn the three-step process that you can use throughout your career to define or reinvent your own powerful professional brand.

Career Coach Anne Irene Ryan speaks to students and professionals about how crafting a great professional brand, resume, and LinkedIn profile leads to infinite career possibilities.  She works 1:1 with clients and facilitates workshops for colleges, professional organizations, and nonprofits.





Wednesday, March 8th at 10am

Behavior Modification for Fearful Cats

Join Bailey Eagan for a session on Behavior Modifcation for Fearful Cats. In this one-hour session, Bailey will review simple stress reduction methods for cats in the shelter and share a modification template developed by Bailey and her colleagues at the Animal Welfare Program, University of British Columbia.

Bio: Bailey Eagan is a PhD student in Applied Animal Biology at the University of British Columbia’s Animal Welfare Program. Bailey is animal behavior researcher, working to advance knowledge in applicable, effective, evidence-informed action to improve the lives of animals in shelters, homes, and the community.

ZOOM RECORDING (can download here)
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A one-hour webinar covering humane handling and basic body language of cats and dogs for shelter employees. The perfect training for new hires or veteran staff who need a refresher. Morgan Katz and Corinne Bourgoin of the MSPCA will present this session.
October 12, 2022- Infectious and Zoonotic Disease In The Shelter Environment: Part 1 of 2
A one hour webinar all about Infectious Disease in the shelter with Stephanie Magnarelli, DVM of ARL Bedford, NH.
A one hour webinar all about effective sanitation in the shelter with Stephanie Magnarelli, DVM of ARL Bedford, NH.




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