New England Animal Welfare Regional Calls


The New England Federation of Humane Societies (NEFHS) hosts regular, regional calls to discuss key topics surrounding Animal Welfare in New England. The series of calls is intended for people in leadership positions in Animal Welfare organizations in New England.

Next Session:

4/13 @ 9:00 am: Follow- Up Discussion: Spay/Neuter – What’s the Snipuation?




This session is for attendees to discuss the information shared on the call from 3/23. This will be a moderated discussion, intended to give you a space to connect with colleagues on the issues raised in the previous call.

The call from the 23rd discussed:

Spaying and neutering all pets has been our message for decades. What are we seeing in our communities as far as needs for spay/neuter and pet health? How have spay/neuter clinics weathered the COVID storm and have they seen community needs change? With pet populations largely under control in New England, is it time to discuss alternatives to pediatric spaying/neutering? How should we be talking to our communities about responsible pet breeding?

The panelists for this discussion were:

Alyssa Krieger- Community Outreach Manager, MSPCA

Pamela Krausz- Executive Director, VT-CAN! Spay/Neuter Clinic

Joyce Briggs- President, Alliance for Contraception in Cats & Dogs

Didn’t make it to the call on the 23rd? No problem! You can view the recorded session below and then come join the discussion.



3/23 – Panel Discussion: Spay/Neuter – What’s the Snipuation?

3/9 – Follow-Up Discussion: Pet Acquisition

2/23 – Where Will Pets be Coming From in the Future?

1/26 – Dog Population in the United States: Supply and Demand from 2018 to 2050 

12/15 – Human Service Partnerships

12/8 – Pet Acquisition Perspectives

11/17 – Public Attitudes and Animal Welfare Messaging

10/27 Access to Veterinary Care in New England

10/13 Community Perspective Related to Welfare of Animals

10/6 New England Animal Welfare: Life after Overpopulation – Introduction to The Data