New England Future Coalition Call Series


The New England Federation of Humane Societies (NEFHS) will continue our series of calls featuring regional data collected and presented by the New England Future Coalition (The Coalition).

The series of calls is intended for people in leadership positions in Animal Welfare organizations in New England.


11/17 – Public Attitudes and Animal Welfare Messaging

12/8 – Pet Acquisition Perspectives

12/15 – Human Service Partnerships



Public Attitudes and Animal Welfare Messaging

Many slogans have become deeply engrained in our work like “spay and neuter your pet” or “adopt don’t shop”. We use this messaging to help shape peoples’ attitudes and encourage behaviors, but how did these messages become so powerful, and are they the right ones for us now?

During this session, we will explore data collected about the New England public’s response to certain messages and how those messages may be influencing their attitudes and our work. We will consider whether some long-standing messages are still the right ones for us to be using, and how we can match our communications to the future of our work.


Human Service Partnerships

There are often people and pets who fall outside of our regular systems of support. While we frequently explore ways to reach and support at-risk and underserved individuals and their animals, human service organizations are increasingly expanding their support as well.

During this session we will look at data collected from 128 human service organizations in New England, highlighting the issues with pets that they are seeing as well as the types of support that are currently being provided. These conversations can help us explore the potential for partnerships, and ways to think about our own programs and services so that we are reaching all animals and people in need.


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