New England Animal Welfare Regional Calls

Save the Dates: Upcoming Regional Animal Welfare Calls


10/19/2021 Shelter Dog Behavioral Interventions and Support – In-shelter, foster care

     11/2/2021 Follow-up Discussion

11/23/2021 Ethics of Placing Behaviorally Challenging Dogs

      12/7/2021 Follow-up Discussion

1/18/2022 Marketing and Fundraising

      2/1/2022 Follow-up Discussion

2/15/2022 Community Wellness: What Do Our Communities Need and How Can We Provide It?






4/13 Follow- Up Discussion: Spay/Neuter – What’s the Snipuation?

3/23 – Panel Discussion: Spay/Neuter – What’s the Snipuation?

3/9 – Follow-Up Discussion: Pet Acquisition

2/23 – Where Will Pets be Coming From in the Future?

1/26 – Dog Population in the United States: Supply and Demand from 2018 to 2050 

12/15 – Human Service Partnerships

12/8 – Pet Acquisition Perspectives

11/17 – Public Attitudes and Animal Welfare Messaging

10/27 Access to Veterinary Care in New England

10/13 Community Perspective Related to Welfare of Animals

10/6 New England Animal Welfare: Life after Overpopulation – Introduction to The Data