One person can’t know it all!

by Katie Kozikowski

Let’s talk smarts. Animal Control Officers and Law Enforcement Officials are required to enforce not only their state laws, but their town or cities by-laws as well. How can one person possibly know all the ins and outs of every law, especially off the top of their head if they’re sent on a call without a heads up?! The key to my success? Other local Animal Control Officers and Animal Welfare orgs! Get your pipe-lines going, work with Animal Care workers in your area; someone may understand a law better than you or may have had an experience where they’ve had to enforce one that you haven’t had to yet.

Did you know that the Massachusetts laws  passed in Nov 2016 for dogs in hot/cold cars and tethering laws cannot be enforced by civilian Animal Control Officers if they are not in their current bylaws?! Someone could be walking away with a slap on the wrist because your citation didn’t hold up in court. Want to learn more? Set up quarterly social meetings with animal welfare folks, and who knows, you could befriend one that could be a very useful resource for you in the future! Or better yet, the New England Federation of Humane Societies will be offering an Animal Control track this year. What better time than this conference to converse and learn with others in your field!

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