When the world effectively shut down around us last year, there was little notice for the NEFHS to make alternate plans for our Annual Conference we had worked so hard to prepare in the prior year. It was with great sadness we chose to cancel the event and we spent the coming months feeling more and more somber, realizing that it would be impossible to gather in Spring of 2021 either. Our team came together to create a virtual offering; this was far outside our wheelhouse, but a committee was formed of our board members to research online platforms, communicate with speakers and bring our usual stellar event into the virtual atmosphere!

We are excited to convene online for our 75th Annual New England Federation of Humane Societies Conference on April 6-8, 2021. Our three day conference will provide the usual platform for thought leaders from our field and beyond to present on topics from compassion fatigue to social justice issues that are impacting our field.

Thanks to a grant from John T. and Jane A. Wiederhold Foundation, the entire conference program will be offered virtually for the first time ever. Amy Duskiewicz, NEFHS Board President, touches on the impact of this funding; “The COVID-19 pandemic has brought significant financial hardships to animal welfare organizations across our region. The NEFHS Board knew it was vital to find a way to offer a learning opportunity which would be affordable and accessible to anyone who wanted to attend. Thanks to the John T. and Jane A. Wiederhold foundation, the NEFHS Annual conference will be able to reach more individuals and continue our important work helping to advance the animal welfare field through professional development and networking.”

While this is our first virtual conference, we are excited to bring you a dynamic program featuring speakers from all over the country. The support from the grant by the John T. and Jane A. Wiederhold Foundation makes it possible to offer the three day virtual conference at an affordable price which will allow even more organizations to take advantage of the informative sessions. In addition to the conference presentations. We will also run virtual networking opportunities between sessions and we encourage participants to take advantage of the opportunities for collaboration and connection during these breaks.

The virtual conference will feature more than 25 speakers including:

Sandy DeLisle, Neely Conway & Brenna Jennings, ASPCA Prolearning
Devon Krusko, Red Rover
Mara Velez, Shelter Playgroup Alliance
Brad Shear, Potter League for Animals & Association For Animal Welfare Advancement
Jessica Dolce, Jessica Dolce: Practice Compassionate Badassery
Rebecca Lohnes, Lollypop Farm
Stacy LeBaron, Community Cats Podcast

To learn more or register for the 75th Annual New England Federation of Humane Societies Conference visit www.newenglandfed.org.

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