The New England Fed is pleased to offer year round educational opportunities to leadership teams and operations staff.


August 2024 webinar

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Title:Reunited and It Feels So Good; Rethinking Stray Cats and Improving Your Return to Home Rate
Date:August 14, 2024 at 11am
Presented by: Corinne Bourgoin, Shelter Operations Supervisor at MSPCA
If you’re ready to leave all your preconceived notions about “dumped, abandoned, or unwanted” stray cats at the door, join Corinne Bourgoin, Shelter Operations Supervisor at MSPCA for this exciting webinar opportunity!
What if we presumed every stray cat who came to our shelters was a cherished pet with a loving home?
How can we facilitate getting lost pets back to their owners without overwhelming current staff and volunteers, or tying up space with long stray holds? In this session we will discuss simple, actionable ways that we can support owners of lost cats, be a resource to those who find cats, and increase the rate at which cats in our shelters are reunited with grateful families.

September 2024 Webinar (Teaser)

More information about this webinar will be coming, but you can register now.
Title: Lost and Found: Smalls & Exotics
Date: Wed September 11th, 2024 11am
Presented By: A Panel of Experts
A panel discussion with folks specializing in rabbits, birds and reptiles sharing details on what to do if you receive a call about loose “not cats or dogs” and tips to share with owners who’s “not cats or dogs” go missing.