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So, You’re a Manager Now: Tools to Become a Better Supervisor

You’re great at your job. People like you. Things are changing. And voila! You’re a manager now. Sound familiar? Lots of us have been there – some recently and some more than a few moons ago. The missing element in our path? Training! And that’s why this seminar exists. BJ Rogers from Emancipet is offering a two day training in Boston May 23-24 to help folks who are new to managing people or who’ve been at it for a while but are yearning for a little skills refresh. We’ll spend a little time distinguishing between formal and informal authority, and then lean in to develop practical skills to make your life – and the lives of those you work with – better.

Participants will explore and practice skills and tools to communicate more clearly, deliver effective and useful feedback, assess employee engagement, and meet the needs of direct reports in meaningful ways.

Who Should Attend: Anyone on a management career track, new managers, and folks who’ve been supervising or managing for years and are eager to refresh or expand their skills.

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Will be held April 4-6, 2020 in Nashua, NH.

Sponsor:  New England Federation of Humane Societies